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Magas is the lynchpin, the other three are support.Similarly, I imagine in the astronomical information in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, there are some lynchpins and others are supporting.This catastrophe was also recorded in Babylonia’s ancient town Ur (which was mythologized in the West as Noah’s flood) and the ancient Mayan records. I’m no expert on dynasties, but the situation seems to me to be the following: If the Ashokan inscriptions had only mentioned one of Ptolemy, Alexander, Antigonus, or even any two of them, we’d be hard pressed to date them, because there are quite a few Ptolemies, Alexanders and Antigonuses.

Accordingly, the date for the Mahabharat war comes to (3148 – 9 = 3139 BC).A discrepancy of 6 years in 3,000 years of record could be a copying or printing mistake, and is thus negligible when dealing with a longer span of years.There is a most prestigious, 48 page detailed date-wise journal (panchang) with all the astrological facts and figures called “Vishva Panchangam”, established in 1925 and published by Kashi Hindu Vishvavidyalaya (Benares Hindu University), Varanasi.beginning with around Amawasya and ending just after full moon) ~5 specific references/observations – positions of moon lead to the conclusion that Margashirsha was the month (lunar month) of the war This means war occurred during the shukla paksha of Margashirsha and during the season of Sharad.This by itself puts a lower limit of ~4000 BCE on the plausible timing of Mahabharata war (4) Combine evidence of (3) with (2) and, again , we have another support for war not anytime after ~4500 BCE The rest of the astronomy evidence (200 ) goes in ‘supporting’ these inferences and assist in identifying specific year (5561 BCE) for the timing of MBH war.

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