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African and other slaves were being brought to Malta as late as 1797, and I know of some Maltese people who can actually trace their genealogy to a manumesso (freedman).This would certainly be in line with the fact that astronomically high rates of L elsewhere in Europe, i.e.Her other best friend, Lillian, was a hot Mexican girl. Most the people in the power structure are like that, they've been possessed before they were born.And they lived in this, like, swinging singles apartment with me." Gross: "What impact did that have on you? These are multigenerational collaborators, they get to where they are, because of the loyalty of their parents, and grandparents, to the jews.Despite claims (with little or no evidence) of an expulsion of the Muslim population following the island being retaken by Christians, it's clear based on surname continuity (most Maltese surnames of Semitic origin were first attested among 11th century Muslim peasants in Sicily) that the modern Maltese descend from both these Muslim settlers and from later Christian immigrants, who were also mostly from Sicily and elsewhere in Italy.That being said, there's certainly a possibility that these lineages postdate the Islamic period.

If you're intimating that the high rates of L found in Alccer do Sal are due to immigrants from Africa being sampled in that study, I can assure you that this is not the case. Not sure why you're talking about Brixton or banlieues. African contribution in Portugal can be very old, not only in Ancient and Medieval times but the "modern" Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade since the 15th century was relevant in several regions.

Whilst the spread of this haplogroup, which in modern Europe can also be found in Spain and Portugal might have occured at any time dating from the Carthaginian period to the Middle Ages, it would seem improbable for these set of mutations to have arrived in Malta during the Arab period, without them leaving any trace in Sicily, Tunisia or Libya.

The high percentage of the population with this haplotype in Malta when compared to Spain and Portugal indicates that a genetic bottleneck occurred" Apart Portugal (see table below) where mt Dna L were found at 22% in Alcacer do Sal (and "Tant quil y aura des fripons et des imbciles, il y aura des religions.

Rui Martiniano and Portuguese geneticists with Ron Pinhasi.

African contribution in Portugal can be very old, not only in Ancient and Medieval times but the "modern" Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade since the 15th century was relevant in several regions.

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