Cam to cam anything goes

It seems that the stock ECU would identify the beginning of the engine cycle when the falling-edge of the cam signal and the 20 degree gap in the crank signal align.Also worth noting is the magnitude of the peak signal voltage between startup ( 4 V).Analysis reveals that the crank signal arrives for every 10 degrees of engine rotation and is generated 34 times in 360 degrees (there is no crank signal for 20 degrees of the revolution).The cam signal arrives every 240 degrees of rotation so that there are 3 signals for each 720 degrees of rotation (each complete Otto cycle).

because every time the squad scores a goal, Playboy's 2013 Playmate of the Year is celebrating by bouncing around in a skimpy top.

Terrelle had another up-and-down game, and Washington blew an early lead ...

The IS300 Overall Wiring diagrams show a camshaft and crankshaft position sensor connected to the ECU.

On my cruise control module the incoming speed sensor signal goes to the base of a transistor and the transistor switches 0V to 5V into the CPU.

I think a circuit would be easier in the long run than switching to ADC. Early in my development efforts I did try connecting the VR sensors to the gate of a MOSFET, which had too high of a turn-on voltage (same problem). ii) The ADC mode I’ve implemented is actually working quite well.

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