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These real-life stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things are chronicled by the greatest book there is, the Bible. He never quit despite the trials and consequences of sharing the gospel. I want to follow Peter because he obeyed God.” Jimmy, 8 years old “My favorite is Jesus because He is powerful, merciful and all-loving God.” Journey, 5 years old “My favorite Bible hero is Noah.

Not all kids know about their stories but those who do are equally excited to tell us who their favorites are. “Peter is my favorite hero in the Bible because he did not give up even if he is in prison. Noah remained righteous even if the people during his time were all wicked. He trusted God and built the ark even if the task was hard.

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Our goal is to help you create a “Unique Competitive Advantage” that is sustainable.This system has worked for hundreds of Finger Lakes businesses. The first information we need is the name of your business and your contact information. Call (315) 781-7000 or e-mail us now to get started.We will set up an extensive, in-person Client Needs Analysis. A Client Needs Analysis is free and you are under no obligation.…the young man who continued to pray despite the threats and was rescued from the lion’s den……the determined Pharisee whose life was completely changed when his eyes were opened to the truth. He knows that even if he suffers physically, he still wanted to listen to God.

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