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You do not want to get into an all-out fight with a sociopath when the sociopath feels like his survival is threatened. With a sociopath, the best thing to do is to make the breakup seem like it was his or her choice.Like with ticks or other parasites, you want to poison the well so the sociopath willingly leaves.You can then plan on spending the remainder of your day (or weekend) disinfecting, washing the funk out of your sheets, scraping toothpaste off the mirrors and wiping up puddles of ****. Psychic leeches who have no qualms about instantly distancing themselves from you during your time of need.Until you prove to serve a purpose to him, he'll be MIA. They fundamentally lack the patience, compassion and empathy required to be supportive during a crisis when it concerns you. If you have children, whether his or yours from a previous relationship, he will expect you to put his needs first above theirs. As fathers, they're either "all over the place" in every aspect of their parenting style, "absent", or a delightful combination of both. Everything is always everybody elses fault and they throw frequent pity parties for themselves so, you better be there with bells on because you'll surely become the object of ridicule. We'll call it "Fantasy Phone": Let's make his friends believe you're fighting with him on the phone so they'll think you're a complete *******.You may think you owe him nothing, but the relationship matters to the sociopath in ways you cannot guess or understand.You may think the sociopath respects your boundaries, but the sociopath will not be sympathetic to your assertions of your needs. The sociopath has his needs, too, and will fight to make sure that they are met.He'll treat your things like ****, use your fine Egyptian linens to wipe his *** and trample over that load of wash you just pulled out of the dryer.After all the cha-ching is gone and they've eaten all your food, ****** your house up, taken a nap and molded permanent sweat impressions into the cushions of your couch...they'll split. They have a tendency to be fundamentally unhappy people, but have no problem drowning you in their misery while feeding on your energy until you don't know who the hell you are anymore.

They aren't selfish with themselves though, just you.By that time the sociopath will not need you to satisfy any of his basic needs, and will see you instead for what you really are--probably a weak-willed whining sissy.Think this is unnecessarily complicated and time-intensive?Say "I don't know what's come over me." Have long phone conversations with your mother or other people the sociopath hates.In general, let yourself go completely and be as intolerable to live with as possible without being confrontational.

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