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They are out to ruin the business of any other internet marketer who they fail threatened by. Jeffries has also openly stated that the seduction/dating community itself frowns upon Pagan because of the low quality of his materials.It's true that Pagan has built a million dollar a year business from dating but that business is a made up of stolen content.I heard from reliable sources that someone very close to Frank Kern who works for him is cooperating with the FBI & the FTC to get more information on him so they can prosecute him for deceptive business practices and misleading income claims.Frank Kern as we know got into trouble with the FTC beforehand for his MLM business.Despite the broad-spanning estimates, it’s clear that Pagan’s net worth hovers in the millions.However, with the dating app industry constantly evolving, it’s difficult to evaluate how much he might be making now.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.Thousands of people have published dating self-help books, but Pagan’s book spoke to a unique niche.“Double Your Dating” is a self-help book for men who have a hard time meeting women.Eben Pagan ist ein erfolgreicher US-amerikanischer Internet-Marketer, Autor und Dating advisor.Pagan ist auch bekannt unter seinem Künstlernamen "David De Angelo".

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The Entrepreneurs-Journey Insider states that Pagan rarely does interviews, and therefore few can surmise Pagan’s actual net worth.

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