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Some industry insiders stress that it will never be easy to define exactly what makes a Scottish gin.After all, there are cottage firms simply infusing imported gin in bathtubs.

An accreditation scheme run by the Scottish Craft Distillers Association is voluntary.In an age where authenticity and provenance are held in such high esteem by an increasingly discerning consumer base, ambiguous claims about origin are starting to be examined more closely.“Gin fans deserve to know that when they buy a gin with a Scottish place name on the label, for instance, that the gin is at least distilled and bottled in Scotland.So raise a glass this Christmas to the booming success of Scotland’s new second national drink.Just don’t assume your £40 bottle of Scottish craft gin is actually made anywhere near where you think it is.

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The contract made gins can save this money and put it into advertising and marketing not to mention taking away jobs from the local community where the gin purports to be from.” Brands manufactured entirely or largely in England or abroad include Tyree Gin, Barra Atlantic Gin, Gordon Castle Gin, Glasgow Gin, Leith Gin, Dundee Gin, Mull’s Whitetail Gin, and Shetland’s Blackwoods Gin.

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