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People find their way of online dating, and they hope eventually something works out.But when it takes longer than expected, and they’re doing the same thing day after day (and not achieving desired results), it’s easy to give up the hope of a relationship, and even easier to lose hope that online dating will be a useful tool.It is in that place—the place that is uncomfortable, new, and scary—that you grow the most.The more you grow and heal, and the more self-aware you become, the more ready you’ll be when a good match comes along (and the sooner you’ll know when an incompatible fit has shown up).If this sounds familiar, you may want to try doing things differently before you throw in the towel on online dating.When you change various aspects of your approach to online dating, you open yourself to new information, insights and outcomes.Each date is an opportunity for you to continue evolving, and the further along you are, the more ready you’ll be when a great match comes along.

Some people wait to be contacted instead of being the first to message someone. Some people are very particular about what they say in a first message, and so on.If you usually go to bars on dates, try a coffee shop or a walk in a park.If you like short dates, try being open to letting them go longer.And, it doesn’t take long for it to become monotonous.People who have been on the apps and sites for a while tend to develop a habitual way of online dating.

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Think of online dating as a time for experimenting.

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