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The town was founded in 928 so it is almost 1100 years old.

I came home with a few pictures and I stitched one together from a few source images.

The castle you can see is the Albrechtsburg, built between 14, a beautiful old architectural masterpiece and I thought I'd share it with you.

SDQ, 70mm EX DG Macro (manual focus), circular polarizing filter.

Try to limit you post to 3 images and remember to give you post a title so that comment can be properly directed. Here are a few photos (there are more in my DPR gallery) of the Château de Chambord.

A swallow was kind enough to invite itself on the first one...

Capable of developing high sugar levels without losing its crisp, refreshing acidity.

Castell de Castelldefels (Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya). Tot i iniciar-se la seva construcció a la segona meitat del segle X, el seu aspecte actual es correspon a una refacció de l'any 1550 (castell de color vermell) i un nou cos (de color blanc) construït des de la segona meitat del segle XVII fins a la segona meitat del segle XVIII.

The palate is delicate, seamless and gently fruity, with a trace of sweetness early, then a clean, dry finish, with balanced acidity.

Like a good Loire Chenin Blanc this wine just gets better with a few years of age."The colour is medium to full yellow and the bouquet evokes citrus blossom, honeysuckle and many other appealing fragrances.

Shooting and processing this was a bit of a challenge, given the camera's somewhat limited dynamic range and my very limited Lightroom skills. Full screen If you're ever in southern Maine, be sure to check out the sunsets from Ferry Beach (the one in Scarborough). target5 wrote: The photo is excellent on every aspect, congrats, may I ask you: which lens you used with SD1 Merrill and if you have done heavy color correction and if yes in Sigma Photo Pro or Photoshop? Jan Hello Scott, I used an outdated version of Kolors Auto Pano Pro which still serves me well.

Hello, I didn't do much color correction on this one. Here is a link to the latest version: is also a demo available: Enjoy your Sunday!

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