Challengers in accommodating the needs in developing country

WHO projects that Africa, Asia, and Latin America will have more than 55 million people with senile dementia in 2020.

Caring for the elderly in a way that addresses disability and maintains good quality of life has become a global challenge.

Delaying the onset of disability through prevention approaches can both alleviate the growing demand for health care and, more important, improve the quality of life for the elderly. A prevention approach can be undertaken even where there are resource constraints and age discrimination.

Unfortunately, a "negative aging paradigm" found in both developed and developing countries assumes that older people's health needs require high-cost, long-term treatments.

In India, the world's second-largest producer and consumer of tobacco, cardiovascular disease mortality is projected to account for one-third of all deaths by 2015.

Disability significantly affects quality of life in old age.

Types of disability frequently considered among the elderly include limitations in general functioning (such as walking or climbing stairs); managing a home; and personal care.

In 2005, the programs expanded to include five new Indian states. Whereas primary prevention programs target populations before a disease develops, secondary prevention involves identifying (through screening) and treating those who are at high risk or already have a disease.

Secondary prevention is also necessary to prevent recurrence of the disease.

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However, despite the increasing demand for home-based care due to population aging, decreasing fertility rates means that future cohorts of elderly will have smaller networks of potential family caregivers.

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