Sccm system ou name not updating

This is however not the situation for User and System Discovery.

Since most of the Active Directory environments often have been around for a very long time, and due to several factors, the OU structure is simply not just suited for specifying a single distinguished name to an OU and then select to recursively include what’s under it.

This will avoid the refresh that you would need if you would use a query method !

4) On subsequent reruns the script will check if a collection with the same name exists or not and if it does it will skip.

Below is my exported distinguished names from the example above, translated into the a format with required headers and additional data that the script needs: As you can see in the picture above, there are three headers: As for the Distinguished Name column, simply just specify the container data that you’ve extracted.

Fortunately, the process to create the container isn't too complicated.

Now, as shown in the picture, this may not be the most efficient structure for various reason.

However, I’d rather just work my way around the fact the issue at hand instead of re-structuring the Active Directory.

Like I said, it’s really helpful if you can determine some sort of search string.

In my scenario outlined in the picture above, I could for instance query for all OU’s with the name of Users underneath the Offices OU.

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