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I don’t expect her first real date to go quite as well.We live by the rule of “High Goals, Low Expectations” so even though I don’t expect a young man to treat her as well as Daddy did, I do have the goal that he will one day. I can’t tell you how much fun I have helping her pick out her dress and fixing her hair and all the little wonderful details of dressing up my little doll.Ironically,was a middling comedy with a few shallow lessons about fatherhood, and the second installment just has characters retreading old ground.There are no big surprises here, only the standard formula.Three years ago, when my middle daughter was 5, it was her turn to repeat the special tradition, and now, Baby Girl is kindergarten age and totally excited about her Daddy-Daughter Date!We have a dress picked out, I’ve been searching Pinterest for hair styles, and they have big plans for breaking the 100 Days of No Eating Out challenge tonight.

Then, just when things couldn't get any more chaotic, another stepdad (John Cena) drops by to visit. Ferrell and Wahlberg are a blast together, and the two men devour every scene they share with a kind of manic energy.So I came up with a plan for their own Sweetheart Date.My little girl got dressed in a very special dress. Daddy dressed nice and greeted her with a long-stemmed rose.I want her to value his opinion, therefore, she needs to know, like, and trust him!He’s a pretty likable, trustworthy guy, so it shouldn’t be hard.

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She got to choose the restaurant and activity for the evening.

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