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The bottom photo is the short loop version which I wrap the yarn on a disposable chopstick. Please suggest to me what else you can apply this stitches to.There are 2 ways of crocheting it, 1 strand over or 2 strands over into the stitch. Buzzfeed started a censorship panic Friday about Twitter’s adult content guidelines by mistaking Twitter’s ad policy for its general policy.

The top photo is the long loop I crocheted by wrapping the yarn around my index finger (as shown in the video below).There are also toys based on Rick and Morty (Dick and Horny), Power Rangers (The Mighty Moaning Anal Rangers), and Guardians of the Galaxy (Orgasms of the Galaxy). Pornhub is determined to be to the world of porn consumers what Facebook is to identity management. I heard a sharp intake of breath from the man sitting next to me and it was really only then that I consciously realised what was going on, or at least got an idea of what it could be.The strangest thing was that it should have crept me out but for some reason it…I found later is firmer as the loop is secure tied within the stitch. If you are crocheting a flat work, alternate between row of loops and single crochet, provided you want to loopy looks on both sides. If you are working on continuous, especially for amigurumi, you can choose to alternate or with loop stitches all the way. You may cut the loop to create a shaggy look, or add beads for novelty look. The most common is the floor mat, may be a scarf, how about a sleeper with it, must be cozy if the loops are on the sleeper, otherwise, you can use it to sweep the floor if you make the loops at the bottom…. The working is similar to as crochet a SC (single crochet), the only thing that you have to do is to wrap the yarn onto your finger and pull both strands through the stitch…..

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