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He said he knew they were suffering and he cared about them, but they were not alone.Verastegui warned that abortion causes sterility, and breast and uterine cancers.Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him. Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. In Los Angeles, on Saturday, September 27, the Mexican superstar of Latin America, Eduardo Verastegui and several of his friends joined the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign outside Family Planning Associates, an abortion business at 601 S. He went there for two reasons: to help mothers and their unborn children, and to warn people about the number-one abortion celebrity, Sen. Until November 2, citizens of 179 cities in 47 of the United States and the District of Columbia are enrolled in 40 Days for Life, peacefully praying outside abortion locations to end the holocaust.He said, “Most of the registered Latinos who are voting are voting for Obama. He doesn’t represent our values: respect for life, traditional marriage or even immigration reform.“Americans and people around the world need to know about Obama,” Verastegui continued. “I want people to know the truth about Obama,” said Verastegui.“I think that they are human beings who did not ask to be born that way and we have to watch what we say because sooner or later we can end up biting our own tongue because we’ll have grandchildren, great-grandchildren and you never know how they’ll turn out.”“I’m going to the gay pride [parade] and I love it because there will be a lot of crazy ones having fun. It’s things like these that get you excited about getting ahead in other countries.”“Love must be free and there should be protection for couples, it doesn’t matter what their sexual orientation is,” she said.

He also handed everyone a Miraculous Medal and told them the beautiful story behind the medal and God’s great love for us.” Verastegui told the women that he did not judge them."As a Latino man proud of my community," he says in the clip, "I feel I have been called to fight for traditional marriage between a man and a woman."Verastegui, a native of Tamaulipas and non-U. citizen Mc Cain stumper, also lends his face to a fairly despicable screed against reproductive rights for women, and Barack Obama, whose positions he recklessly distorts. The lunacy of people like this clown, and the current Republican nominee for Vice President, is a stark reminder that religious fundamentalism in any form must be rejected as a tool of division, intolerance, and violence. Verastegui's Wiki says he attends Mass daily, and IMDB says he practices abstinence. He said, “You wanna hear something really, really funny? All the nurses from the clinic — some were African Americans, some were Latinas — came outside.” The next thing Eduardo Verastegui knew, eight nurses wanted someone to take pictures of them with him.Instead, he gave each nurse a Miraculous Medal and his DVD.

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