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The doctor alerted police and they were arrested after being unable to provide marriage certificates Mr Culverwell, who is a call centre agent, described how he had shared in his son's joy at falling in love, then the announcement of his engagement and looked forward to the wedding and meeting his beautiful daughter-in-law to be.'We were overjoyed because from the photos we have seen and from what Emlyn has told us.Iryna seems a lovely girl and they are obviously very happy together.'We didn't know anything about the baby until we were told the reasons why they were locked up.Speaking from his home in Johannesburg, 50-year-old Mr Culverwell said: 'This is going to be our first grandchild and we can't celebrate'Rather than looking forward to seeing our first family wedding and the birth of our first grandchild, we are beyond worried and stressed. All we can think about is how we are going to get them out of there.It should be a time for us to celebrate but we can't.' Pregnant: Nohai, pictured, and her South African fiance were arrested after she went to a clinic when she was suffering from stomach cramps and was told she was pregnant.He first started dating Nohai, who worked as an admin officer, in mid-2014.Mr Culverwell's estranged wife Linda has spoken to Iryna's brother on the phone, but communication isn't easy as they are Ukrainian.'They speak almost no English, but have an English dictionary, and they can understand a few words, but that's all,' he explained.The father of a man jailed in Abu Dhabi for sex outside marriage has spoken of his joy and heartbreak at learning he was to become a grandfather for the first time but that his son was locked up.

The other family also don't have a lawyer, we are relying on our South African government representatives and get somebody to go in and see how they aredoing.; Mrs Culverwell, 50, was hospitalised for a couple of days after hearing the news of her son's arrest, but 'is now doing a lot better,' he said.The couple have not seen or spoken to each other since their arrest A friend said: 'That will be the worst for Emlyn not knowing what is happening to Iryna.No one has been able to make any contact with them.'Despite being arrested six weeks ago they have not been charged because authorities are still investigating the paternity of the child, how long the couple was sexually active and are testing Nohai's HIV status.Linda from Port Alfred, on the eastern cape, said she had been overwhelmed with support.The couple's ordeal was also raised in the South African Parliament by Democratic Alliance MP and deputy shadow environmental minister Terry Stander.

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