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It was exhilarating while the novelty lasted, though Lennon, far from being surprised and grateful, seemed rather nettled he hadn't been famous sooner. I used to look in the paper and half expect to see my photograph there." He found his own story, the Beatle story, romantic; he liked to talk about the rags and the riches and, by the time they reached the top, fame had so cut them off from real life there wasn't much else to do but talk.

Lennon once said, "The trouble with reality is it leaves a lot to the imagination", and it's almost impossible to exaggerate the destructive force of modern fame.

In 1978 John had written: "My life with the Beatles had become a trap… How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?And, as an actor who often misses his mark, it was easier in a way to be immobile.The DP [director of photography] was never angry with me.Lennon was on to this in a flash: "And I bet half the people who voted for him didn't speak the Queen's English either."One could hardly believe the speed with which they became famous.In the beginning of 1963 they were the darlings of Merseyside. A year later, soon after their appearance in the United States, they were probably the most famous people in the English-speaking world.

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Theirs was the fascination of repetitive siblings, the almost sinister attraction of identical quads - how alike they were, how very different. They ran to escape screaming mobs of frightening harpies.

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