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The big wheel is illuminated at night and its illumination itself becomes a part of the night view of the straits.

You can go to Moji in 5 minutes by liner departed from Karato Sanbashi Pier at Kaikyokan.

This is not a well-known spot and a few people are there, this is recommended for those who want to relax and enjoy quiet night views.

Senjougahara Park is the park which is popular in the spring cherry blossom season for cherry trees.

There are many night view spots seeing from Moji of Fukuoka Prefecture.

A view from the observatory at Nukari Park at Kojozan Mountain is great.

The sun sinks in Hibikinada, the sunlight lingers in the town.

Especially the view from Hinoyama Park, which is just side of the straits, is astounding. The city light of Mojiko Port, which is located at the opposite side of the straits, just fantastically shines.

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The place is far from the coastline so there are not many people make a visit to it, but you can enjoy illuminations of Shimonoseki at dusk. Haikara’t Yokocho was built next to Kaikyokan Aquarium.

A 60m big wheel is here and the whole view of the Kanmon Straits is available from it.

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