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Since I don’t know very much about any other breeds than milking breeds, that’s what I’m going to talk about today.(Although it would be pretty fun to have a couple fainting goats, am I right?…and since I know all your husbands/boyfriends/fiances/girlfriends/wives are, like, totally begging you to please move to a farm so you can milk goats every morning…I’ve decided to compile a simple guide to raising and milking goats. Female goats are called DOES or DOELINGS as babies.We probably go on vacation 2-3 times per year so it’s no big deal. I actually enjoy milking my friend’s goats for a week or so because I used the extra milk to make a lot of cheese! I think I just about covered everything I can think of.

Hopefully I can assist some readers out there in their research and maybe I’ll even convince you naysayers to get a goat yourself! And just think, next year you can send out Christmas card photos of you and your goat. If a male goat has been castrated (neutered with simple rubber banding) they are known as a WETHER.

They may chew on the bark of a tree and will eat the fruit that falls off (although my goats don’t like citrus), but that’s about it.

Female goats (or DOES) are not mean and won’t try to head butt you or bite.

The ONLY way to get milk from a goat is to get a female doe pregnant so she can have babies first.

Each time a goat has babies, this kick starts her milk production and is known as a FRESHENING. At first the mother has a lot of milk, but then gradually over the course of about a year, the amount of milk reduces.

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Male goats that are castrated (WETHERS) are nice too.

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