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Some people may have found a partner on dating sites. Your comments and internet dating experiences, horror stories and comments much appreciated. When you don't have to look someone in the eye when you say something, absolutely anything can come out of your mouth because there's no way anyone can really hold you to it.

I've seen the way some people talk to each other on these very forums, exactly the same thing.

Met my wife who's Brasilian when I went over there for work several years ago. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is a huge business.

UCLA educated with a few degrees, comes from a stable wealthy background, is independant but carries none of the usual BS Australian women generally have. I dunno if it goes both ways, but If I saw a profile for a female with plastic surgery, that would turn me off, the words that would come to my head would be attention seeker, bitch, high maintenance, self indulgent...... It is obvious that you are all young guys, the whole point of the surgery is that it is NOT noticeable.

I earn 200k per year, not something I usually boast about, I only mention it so you know that I am not a looser. Put bluntly men and women who send kisses and emails to people that are TOTALITY out of there league, ugly V attractive, slim V fat, Educated V Non-Educated. The partner that they would find suitable to them would be within their league.

This type of contact of course is setting people up for disappointment and rejection. So what about people that are, say in a pub or dance situation would the above apply. For instance I found that the only kisses I received are from women who well-I need to be blunt here are ”Old Fat Hags” Women that in the real world would never in a million years think they could flirt with me. But I am rejected by the kind of women who I would only give a cursory glance in a super market.

so, she is a gal i might not have approached in a bar, 'way out of my league' as you say. And I agree, some of the requirements the ladies put are astonishing!

I met my partner of 4 years on a, shall we say, less conservative version of those dating sites and you're right, it only works if you go in with your personality on your sleeve.

So many profiles I've seen just have a photo of a pair of legs or a bum or some other kind of body shot and then no doubt wonder why they get treated like a sex object.

The vast majority of the people on dating sites don't understand this and so they opt for the scatter gun approach, hoping to attract anyone and everyone only to find most of their bullets fail to hit anything... average body, not fat ( women say I am well- a looker)I do not look my age (The wonders of plastic surgery) I look after my self, diet, gym etc.

I am A 53 year old man, 170, average body, not fat ( women say I am well- a looker)I do not look my age (The wonders of plastic surgery) I look after my self, diet, gym etc. The statistics on my personal experience has shown me that people on RSVP do not live in the real world.

I have no baggage and I am well off: net worth 3.5 million. Men and women’s expectations of the calibre of partner that they aspire too; is well---stupid.

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So take some of that cash and spend several months in South America. Plastic Surgery on you however might show to women how vein you are. it would depend on why she's had plastic surgery though.... So if you saw a chick that was a real looker you would have no idea unless she told you that she had had surgery; same here with me; you can not tell.

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