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Mars seems to have had an ocean, but it appears to be vanished.On this page is an explanation on how the oceanic crust on earth could have formed its patterns.Patterning Beside mid-oceanic ridges, there are also other patterns on the oceanic crust.For example, there are perpendicular lines to the mid oceanic ridges.Since this is not possible, spreading ridge theory cannot be correct.Alternative model: oceanic crust has formed “instantly” due to lava flow from a meteor bombardment and continental movement Considering there had been a full one-sided meteor bombardment on earth (and the rest of the solar system) and a single event of continental movement, a large part of the mantle should have been temporarily exposed.(Cooling it down from millions of degrees to a couple of thousands of degrees would theoretically take only a couple of seconds.) Molten lava is 5% less dense than solidified basalt.So isostatic balance would chance once the lava starts to solidify. If the cooling process would only be thermal radiation, the crust would be solidified within about 1.5 to 2 years.

This is contrary to predictions of the spreading ridge theory.(This is in accordance with what we find on earth: much less sediments on the oceanic crust than on the continental crust, and lots of sediments on the part of the oceanic crust that is directly attached to continental crust) Afterwards some erosion occurs, and a bit of that sediments are deposited on the fresh oceanic crust.The weight of the water itself pushes the lava towards the middle.This exposed mantle had two reasons: – a completely bombarded area on one side: now the Pacific ocean.In this part of the world the majority of the crust was blasted away, and/or got pulverized and mixed with the (impact-molten) mantle.

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Another clear feature that shows mid-oceanic ridges are not permanent spreading ridges is the shape of the mid-oceanic ridges that surround Africa: mid-oceanic spreading ridges are supposed to be stationary, pushing continents away.

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