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If left unabated, experts forecast severe economic downturn and a breakdown in the fabric of social life.Mary Brinton, a Harvard sociologist, tells Business Insider that the situation will get only worse until Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet get with the times.But as more women entered the workforce, fertility began to plummet.Today, more than 50 years later, Japan's fertility rate sits at 1.41, the population is falling, and brutally long work hours remain the norm.On these weekends, a group of about 15 working mothers convene in the colorful one-room building.

When he opens the bedroom door, he accidentally wakes his wife, Yoshiko, who just recently fell asleep after working an 11-hour day.

In downtown Tokyo, 36-year-old Natsuko Fujimaki runs a daycare that teaches English to Japanese kids.

As much as she adores the children, she says it's the people who pop in one or two Saturdays a month whom she really looks forward to seeing.

But a major reason for that growth is that men and women bought into the idea that each sex had a specific role to play.

The emerging labor force doesn't see it that way, says Frances Rosenbluth, a political scientist at Yale University.

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