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If the council, social work department provided carers, they would put a charge on the house and take it when Granny died.

Christmas was over, the New Year hang-over still present when my father asked me about my itinerary for the year. "Back here at Easter, then two days at Uni for term registration, Then back here for five weeks to finish my dissertation, hand that in then revision for two weeks. "In that case Easter I am taking your Mum for a well deserved break.

Accidentally taking advantage of the opportunity toying with her teats.

Granny opened her legs in a lewd invitation, so I could dry her.

It was when she got out of the bath, an operation that involved me half lifting her, that I noticed her body.

Her size was not to do with age, she had always been small.

By now movement was difficult, my erection seemed to be fighting against my briefs.

Once dry I followed Granny into her bedroom to get dressed, while behind her I was able to rearrange myself.

Now was different, here I was applying slippery gel to Granny's sex bits and I was sure I noticed her old clit twitch and her hips give a perceptible wriggle. Granny and I had something to eat then settled down to watch television.

By eight o'clock Granny was dozing, her head slumped.

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  1. I wish men would stop complaining about the way women act and then go home and treat their daughters with exactly the same traits that makes them into the women they complain about all the time. I have buddies that has daughters that age and God helps the jerk off at 19 who thinks about asking their daughters out, they are treading where angels fear to go. I must say though, one of the first posters who posted that she would report her son and his girlfriend to the police if they were to have sexual relations with a 1 year age gap is amusing.

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