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Some days you don't get lunch and you hold your bladder for hours because you don't have time to go to the loo.

You are required to attend all lectures as you have to complete a set amount of theory hours to pass the criteria for each year. The job in itself is very physically and mentally demanding, you'll be on your feet for 12 hours sometimes, moving patients and equipment, doing rounds and running to pharmacy.

About a quarter of the people on my course has children so it is possible.

I've done nvq level 2&3 in care and have other qualifications, when I went to see collage careers advisor she told me I should apply straight for uni with the qualifications I already have. What I'm about to tell you isn;t to scare you, nursing is an amazing and rewarding career, but I had false expectations of how hard it would be and I just thought you might find it useful to hear the experience from someone whose been there.

And then I'm married aswell and our relationship struggles if we don't have time together, something that's difficult to get now!

I'm not sure if I had to take time off for sickness or one of my kids I'd physically have the time to make it back up and nights seem like an impossibility, but I'm wondering if sometimes it's over thinking it and that I'd manage to do it if I really want??!!!!

There are a lot of jobs around at the moment as well.

The bursary is income assessed but its not very much. I am in the same boat but my son will be a year old when I start, I'm most worried that I will be spending to much time on my course and not enough time being mum.

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