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Recalculation for Later Work Earnings The second way that your PIA can rise is through a recalculation of your benefits to give you credit for your previously un-credited earnings.

This recalculation is called an AERO recalculation. When your benefits start, Social Security uses the earnings information they have available for you through the previous year.

In order for you to continue to receive the full federal SSI benefit of 3, you need to pay your share of housing (and food if you share food). Please note that the demand for our nonprofit services far exceeds the availability of our staff and attorneys.Cases are selected based on available resources and our key focus areas which are approved by our Board of Directors.For more information about qualifying for SSI disability, please view our article What Is Supplemental Security Income and How Is It Different from Social Security Disability?Dear Kay; I am 58, with severe Back & Spinal Nerve damage, and started receiving SSD payment of 3 SSi supplement of Medicaid Assistance from the State of New York, because I was living alone & paying my own rent, but due to the increase of rentals (especially for single individuals!

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Supplemental Security Income The Social Security Administration administers a second disability program called Supplemental Security Income or SSI for short.

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