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Patcharin’s findings are far from conclusive or airtight.In an interview Thursday, she acknowledged that her studies were anecdotal and based on interviews with 100 women and men in an Udon Thani town and another 20 in a Khon Kaen town with multiple interracial couples. In most cases, Patcharin said, the single mom provided for their child on her own.They think their unstable work and poverty makes Thai women not want to marry them,” Patcharin said.can be looked down upon as emasculated after-thoughts who are irresponsible drains on the women and hurt their own marriage prospects.But the women and families interviewed by Patcharin said the decision to leave Thai men for farang partners wasn’t purely economical, but also because they tended to provide for their extended families and not cheat on their spouses.“We’re done with Thai men,” Patcharin said she was told by one of the Thai wife’s mothers, who had encouraged her daughter to divorce her Thai husband and marry a foreigner.Half of the women were in Udon Thani, Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces.Those marriages seem to involve most of the foreigners living in Isaan – the 2010 census found 90 percent of the slightly more than 27,000 foreigners living in the northeastern region were married to women from there.

“A woman married to a Chinese man will always be seen as the secondary provider, no matter how much she earns financially.

While men in Isaan assume women there marry foreigners for their money, the women say they are motivated by how farang men care for their families.

Either way, while there are relatively few such marriages, they are challenging assumptions about masculinity in the Thai northeast and diminishing men’s marital prospects.

Therefore, Chinese men see themselves as having the right to have extramarital affairs because they have responsibly provided for their main household,” Patcharin said.

“Their cheating behavior is different from Thai men, who neither stay faithful to their wives nor provide for their families.” Farang son-in-laws, on the other hand, are expected neither to cheat nor shy from financial responsibility for their Thai wives – even if they first arrived in Thailand as sex tourists.

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