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We spent the first hour date catching up, and then all of a sudden he got really serious and started taking me through his murky family health history: diabetes, cancer alcoholism, and mental illnesses of all kinds.

When I asked him why he was telling me all this, he said, ‘Well, if we have kids someday, it’s best you know all of this now.’ KIDS?

He showed up in a suit with a massive posh umbrella, and immediately I could tell we both weren’t into each other.

He seemed to want to leave with the belief that I fancied him, though, as some sort of ego boost.

Harington and Leslie, who played Ygritte in the HBO series, first sparked rumors of a romance in 2012, although it was later reported that the love connection fizzled out later that year.It was literally the only date I’ve ever been on where I’ve had no more than one drink.The highlight of the evening was him telling me about a year in his early 20s where he was recovering from a car accident and took up a side job as a private detective for six months.“On my first date with my now husband, we went to a local pizza place and sat on the same side of a booth because it was really busy and loud.We had a great time, but when we were waiting for our check, he let out a huge fart that I couldn’t hear or smell—thank goodness—but I definitely felt the massive vibration.

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It’s a small comfort to know that if you end up venturing into a date that’s a total waste of time, a hilarious mismatch, or ends horrifically, you’ll automatically be the most interesting person at brunch the next weekend.

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