Nanotechnology based assays for validating protein biomarkers bestdatingsearch com

Many researchers are working to move this work into the clinic as soon as possible.

The columns are packed with capture antibody-conjugated particles, which bind the analyte and detection antibody as they flow past.

A leading cause of failure in any drug development program is organ toxicity, such as in the kidney.

Traditional nephrotoxicity biomarkers may show insufficient tissue specificity and often cannot be detected until damage is irreversible.

A high degree of correlation (R=0.9825) was observed between the two assay platforms.

Figure 4 Quantitation of the Gyro Mark™ HT Clusterin Standard was also compared to a clusterin standard from Prospec (Table 2A) and to measurements using a traditional clusterin ELISA (R&D Systems, Table 2B).

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