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Union Springs Telephone Company has been in business since 1955 providing top quality telephone, video, long distance, and Internet services.

Current statistics indicate over 93% of all USTC telephone subscribers now have the ability to connect to the internet via a high-speed connection.

Plus, always-on continuity ensures that your organization has around-the-clock access to email.Windstream’s Wavelength Services provides a resilient, high-capacity network for speeds ranging from 1 Gb to 100 Gb, ensuring you receive the raw bandwidth, transparency and control your applications demand—at a price your business can afford.Colocation Services from Windstream provide highly secure, protected, and environmentally controlled colocation facilities to maintain your critical data, server operating applications, network, and communications assets UCaa S is a robust, enterprise-class UC solution integrating voice, multi-media, unified messaging, presence management, mobility and other services onto a single platform in the cloud.~ Contact Us 334-738-4400 Repair Service 334-738-2114 Dial-Up Support 1-800-352-8156 High Speed Help 334-738-8782 Location 206 Hardaway Avenue East PO Box 272 Union Springs, Alabama 36089 Hours Monday-Friday am-pm We offer both high-speed and dial-up Internet access.More that 90% of our customers, even those who are "out-in-the-country," are within reach of high-speed access. " Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) plans offer the highest speed connections.

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Plans include an email account and a back-up dial up number for when you travel.

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