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Enjoy a Kamba women but never make the mistake of developing feelings for her after a one night stand.You will be surprised at how quickly she will forget about you Her craving for intimacy and her wellspring of empathy might draw you in.They are addicted to sex Back to the point – ‘Kamba women are addicted to sex.’ Of course any Kamba woman will be quick to dispel the notion that has dogged the Eastern tribe for years , but statistics and personal experiences have proven this notion to be factual and not just disinformation.Some say it’s because their fellow Kamba men don’t hit it right..So bedroom athletics is the area of specialization for Kamba women. I can tell you for ‘free’ that you will never get a better…

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They are biologically wired to get wetter and homier than other women There’s the urban legend myth that Kamba women are majimaji. Outside of coastal women, you will not meet more slippery and cock-conscious chicks than Kamba woman.

This means they get wet in more cubic litres than normal women. The heavens refused to bless Kambaland with water and blessed women with water instead. Not all Kamba women are hot but In comparison to women from other tribes, Kamba women are more in harmony with their bodies.

So maybe Kamba men just aren’t providing enough lungula to their women. While shagging them, they meet your thrusts with equal fervor, like colliding asteroids of flesh.

In the words of Lil Wayne, ‘Whoever is hitting it ain’t hitting it right, coz she looks like she needs ‘D’ in her life.’. When a Kamba woman is giving it to you, then you can sure that her mind is clear and she is giving herself over to the pleasure unlike some other women who keep worrying about salon and school fees instead of enjoying the act.

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Kamba women know how to erect a fence between séx and emotions.

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