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First off, make sure that you have a basic understanding of HTML, PHP, and Javascript.

W3is a great resource for quickly getting up to speed with these languages.

These first few options deal with where we should display errors when the user types in something they shouldn’t.

You can read about all of the possible options on this page.

There’s something about taking an ugly and deformed hunk of content and crafting it to beautiful pixel perfection that just sets my heart to racing. Anyway, in this new css file, put in this code: body h1 #wrap form table tr, td, input, textarea td tr td:first-child .error[generated=true] tr.error td input, textarea input:focus, textarea:focus textarea input[type=submit] #response #response .success #response .failure Now I could go through each selector and tell you exactly what everything in here does, but that would ruin the fun of you figuring it out yourself (plus it would take a long time for me to write and for you to read, which would be boring for everyone).

I have used this contact form on multiple websites, and I find it to be very easy to use and install, so you should enjoy it.The reason for this is that in this option we specify what error messages to show the user when they break one of the rules we just set up.For example, if the name that they enter doesn’t meet the minimum length requirement, it will say “At least 2 characters required.” This line of code is yet another option that we’re passing the Validate plugin, this time specifying what should happen when the form is submitted (with no errors).However, line 36 contains a new “response” div that will contain the response of the process file when we try to submit a message to it. Now that you have this basic HTML structure, you should see something like this when you open up in your browser: It’s not too pretty yet, but that’s where the next step comes in…I always love it when I get to the CSS portion of my designing.

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More specifically, by adding javascript to this contact form, we will be adding validation (making sure the user enters acceptable things into the different fields) and ajax in a nice blend of usefulness. Anything inside the function’s curly brackets will run as soon as the page has finished loading.

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