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Sometime around 1880 it became common practice to tool the lips with a lipping tool, an object which fit one piece into the opening of the neck while two other pieces clamped on the outside of the applied band of glass.

Then with a twisting motion, the top was uniformly shaped.

Beginning collectors often wonder how to tell the age of a particular bottle.

One of the most important clues to the age of a bottle is the style of the lip.

Bottles produced during the last twenty years of the last century will show evidence of this twisting motion which left faint concentric rings around the mouth and upper part of the neck.

This motion also erased the mold seam in the process.

In the picture below are shown a number of lip styles common during the last century.

All of the above lips were applied to the neck of the bottle after it was removed from the mold.

All machine-made bottles have the mold seam go up and over the lip.

Looking at the base of a bottle is also helpful in determining the age.

Most bottles made before 1858 will have a "pontil" mark.

This is shown in the picture below on a bottle made sometime between 18.

The lip, a round band, was finished with a lipping tool which erased the mold seam and left its tell tale concentric rings.

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