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When the sound entered the movie business in the late 1920´s, Mae´s remarkable career of 40 movies, would soon be over. Soon after she divorced her forth husband, lost custody of their son and had to declare bankruptcy.

Mae co-wrote an autobiography “The Self-Enchanted” that was published in 1959.

A teen model that became a Ziegfeld girl in the famous show.

She made the mistake of falling in love with a comedian on the show who was married to a famous musical star.

Unfortunately she had a severe drug problem and her last film came out in 1933. She died 42 years old by cardiac arrest and liver problems. Jean Harlow (1911-1937) – She got her big break in “Hells Angels” (1930) and became an extremly popular movie star with movies like “Public Enemy” (1931), “Taifun” (1932) and “Riffraff” (1936).

Greta Garbo (1905-90) – This Swedish actress is known as The Divine and as one of the best actresses in the history of movies. ) She is known from “Anna Karenina” (1927), “Anna Christie” (1930), “Grand Hotel” (1932), “Ninotchka” (1939) and “Two-faced woman” (her last movie, 1941). Constance Bennett (1904-1965) – She starred in a lot of movies in the silent era and even more after the sound entranced the cinema. Jean have influenced both Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992) – Born and raised in Germany. She gained huge success and international fame as Lola in “Blue Angel” (1930).

She got married (and divorced) four times, she never had children.

Bette worked hard her whole life and she never really stopped working.

She is still considered one of the best actresses ever. Her grave stone have the inscription “She did it the hard way”.

The tabloids loved the scandal and Mary moved to Germany to be able to work as an actress.

She came back with a new name (Mary Nolan) and had a few years of success.

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