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Its so easy to talk to a cyber-girl by internet, but really how can any man have confidence to even talk to a real girl face-to-face?

Its not so easy to talk to any real-girl in public without practice.

Models that have been doing this Web-Cam modeling for simply 5-10 years on MFC are simply throwing their lives away and decency!

Looking on the Internet I have found several Blogs that offered a chart to help in getting the proper size.

Cam-Models degrade themselves as a woman by simply not giving a care to the world of men that have an empty of soul and only want to only talk with a woman.

You are the solution only by fantasy to fulfill psychologically of our brains and in reality you are not!

The measurements for the circumference of the head and the corresponding sizing for the flat circle and hat height varied somewhat. I have had great differences for the same size between different designers.

To take the mystery out of fitting my hats, I started to keep a chart for the sizes I made the most. I also did a lot of research into how to correctly size your flat circle and height of the hat. Hats are generally made about an inch smaller in circumference than the circumference of the head.

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The one thing that really bugs me is that you models act so innocent. Its like you know and simply don't care about people being addicted, but it comes to point that you don't have a clue to what's out in the world or have common sense of what your making yourself as a woman.

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