Dating a man in jail

In hindsight, it would have been the best thing for everyone involved.

However, Sandy chose a different path to resolve this unhappy union. On the quiet, Sandy began corresponding with an inmate, an armed robber with a 10 year sentence.

One thing is certain; whatever it is that makes these girls fall in love with criminals, it's simply not a good move.

So what could it be that makes dating hardened crims so attractive to some people?

She got hold of him through an acquaintance, who at the time was also dating a convicted felon.

After a while, on the pretext of visiting her ailing mother in another town, Sandy began regular visits to see this man, and correspondence intensified, sending hearts aflutter until eternal love was declared, sadly on both sides.

Inmates take advantage of this desire to seduce receptive girls by flattery.

Women crave this type of attention and are basically vulnerable to this sort of exploitation by nature.

Let's face it; inmates have time to work out and women find a good body attractive especially if, in real life, these girls haven't had the opportunity to lay their hands on someone good-looking...A wine-fueled evening of looking for love online led Johnna to Garrett, serving a seven-year sentence for burglary, grand theft and several other counts. The two come from very different backgrounds; Andrea is a Mormon and single mother of three kids, while Lamar is a former up-and-coming rapper who is finishing up an 18-year stint in prinson. The pair very briefly knew each other before he was incarcerated, and Dominic is serving six years for aggravated assault. The couple struck up a relationship via a prison pen pal service while she was serving five years for selling heroine. They fell in love through letter-writing and have been in contact for a year.Since the death of her ex, Angela began dating men in federal prison, so Tony, 13 years her junior, is not her first.Still, no harm would have been done if love letters were all that was ever going to happen. Sandy's hubby, a sad and moronic creature to be sure, had somehow, despite his pervasive alcoholic haze, gathered enough wits about him to take legal action to recover his children.But things took a more serious turn when the feller was let out. After a bit of a to and fro, the courts decided that Sandy must return the children to their rightful home as her place was judged to be an unsafe and unstable environment.

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If you think about it logically, it makes no sense.

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