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Love the national park in real life almost as much as in game" It seems people love Panthera so much they eventually come to a visit to see how the real-life version looks here in NW Slovenia ;) I hope I can catch a beer with him ;) Changelog: Jul 23, 2016 by Ice Breakr So, most of my A2 stuff in now in A3, except the units that got donated to me in A2 but I don't have a clue how to convert them in A3 or even get such permissions. I will issue a small patch to Lingor in upcoming days and then I "hit the sand": Jade Groove map is coming to Arma 3 with focus on three sided warfare (similiar to Abramia), A2 players will be a bit shocked since I've changed it a lot from the original design.

After that I will probably give you remake of an OFP classic: Tonal - Legend Reloaded.

Almost all of the object height were wrong with the latest compile.

What is even worse is that I've lost complete source files of the island, but after 1 week of work managed to retrieve all of them from backup and with help of awesome community (Mikero & Pennyworth, tnx! Changelog: Jul 6, 2016 by Ice Breakr I've updated Lingor out of beta and also upgraded Isla Abramia.

'Y2RWCKu S',in Autoplay Countries=!

But there is another war still raging on the small isle of Bantanam near the Lingor island.

It seems Vietcong forces took the island by suprise in 1976 and US conducted a silent operation: they sent a special BAD (Bravo/Alpha/Delta units) team to neutralize this threat spreading over the borders of Vietnam.

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