Limitations of radiometric age dating

YE creationists are convinced on religious grounds that the earth is only about 6000 years old, and that most of the sedimentary rock layers on earth (including those in the Grand Canyon) were laid down in the Noahic Flood around 2500 B. This view, also called Flood geology, is widely influential among conservative Christians in North America.High school and college educators, especially in certain regions of the U.Next up are the Muav, Temple Butte, and the cliff-forming Redwall limestones.The layers further up the Canyon wall are composed of a variety of rocks (shales, sandstone, limestone).Atop that are a series of mainly sedimentary layers (Bass Limestone, Hakatai Shale, etc), along with the igneous Cardenas basalt.These now-tilted layers, collectively termed the Grand Canyon Supergroup, have a total thickness up to 12,000 ft.S., are likely to encounter students with strongly held YE beliefs. They have significant reasons behind their beliefs.

By presenting only partial truths, they have succeeded in misleading a large fraction of American evangelical Christians.We march through this article, note the points made by the creationists, and show them to be at odds with reality.Finally, we attempt to understand how intelligent, good-willed folks like these YE creationists can continue to believe that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong in interpreting the geology of the Grand Canyon.These rocks are relatively hard, and the lower part of the Grand Canyon which cuts into them (the “Inner Gorge”) is typically steep and narrow.These tilted layers were raised above sea level and eroded to a nearly flat surface before sinking beneath the waters again to receive further deposition.

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