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then many years later the novel shows how time passes by between the married couples and they start to have kids and grandkids.At the end, it shows a beach scene with Mili and Alejandro walking together at a very old age while remembering that afternoon that they made love on the beach and suddenly they die together.While this is happening Mili begins to get jealous and then tries to sabotage their relationship which causes all of them to have a fight.But in the end Alejandro is still deeply in love with Mili they try to get married until Alejandro's mother Luciana sabotages their plans.

They begin to take a liking to each other and eventually go out while Alejandro still harbors feeling for Mili.

As soon as he learned this, Constancio did not try to locate his child who ended up to be Milagros.

Andrea, Alejandro's girlfriend, only wants him for his money, and at the same time is having an affair with Constancio whom she says she loves.

Hugo, Alejandro's cousin, is in love with Mili and paints portraits of her that he admires, he also fakes broken leg injury to get closer to her but later confesses his love.

After confessing their love for one another, they are faced with much opposition.

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  1. I'd love to hear from guys especially who met a girl while they were fresh out of a relationship (but not necessarily because they were actively searching for someone to get over their ex). If everything is going swimmingly, I'm a big believer in just letting it happen.

  2. Bishoujo meint „schönes Mädchen“ und beinhaltet oft extreme Inhalte wie Sadomasochismus, Vergewaltigung und Pädophilie, Yaoi ist die homosexuelle Entsprechung dieses Genres.

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