Joe dating camille belle

The Jonas Brothers sat in the Dugout Club, front row over the visitors dugout.

The Dodgers ended the day on a high note as they beat the San Francisco Giants, 11-1.

Camilla Belle is speaking out about the Twitter feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The 28-year-old actress retweeted Katy's tweet about Taylor being hypocritical for saying Nicki Minaj "pitted women against each other" with her diss about the .

A source told People magazine that they met on set and that all three brothers thought...regardless, they were spotted on October 31st on a date that included bowling and a movie.Oh cool, so if I'm ever wondering what two virgins do on a date, it's just middle school stuff.When asked if he's dating his "Lovebug" co-star Joe replied, "She's a wonderful girl." Seems like the...Fans pretty much knew something was up between Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle, but once Taylor Swift confirmed the two are a couple we've been getting tons of emails asking who she is. Last night at the Country Music Awards, Taylor Swift confirmed Joe Jonas is dating his "Lovebug" co-star, Camilla Belle.

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Joe Jonas shows off his 5 o'clock shadow with girlfriend Camilla Belle as they have a baseball Dodger date at Opening Day at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium on Monday (April 13).

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