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****************** NSU History The company was started in 1873 in Riedlingen an der Donau, Germany.In its early years, its founders Heinrich Stoll and Christian Schmidt produced knitting machines.1951 NSU Ladies Tourenrad Model 55 Being a longtime fan of the NSU Quickly moped, I’ve always had a soft spot for NSU bicycles too.They’re well made, I like their design, and they are good for riding.Also while in high school, I built my first tandem, by attaching two old Raleigh 3 speed frames together.The Mark I was held together by slipping the head tube of the rear frame over the seat post of the front frame, and lashing the front seat stays to the rear down tube with rope.

German bicycle manufacturers found there was always a market for one loopframe model in their range that retained the early 20th century style.

The front end of the bike is one of its most interesting features, typical of German design of the period.

For example, see how it integrates the contrasting paint colours.

When I was a kid, the Marblehead town dump was one of my favorite hang outs, and I eventually noticed that there were lots of bike parts there.

I had long done my own bicycle maintenance, with the help of a friendly bike shop owner, so I knew enough to be able to put bikes together out of parts from the dump.

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