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Brody meets Mc Kaela Line, and the two begin to date and upset Kristin with their public affection towards each other.

Later, Mc Kaela brings her friend Allie Lutz around with her, much to Kristin's disapproval, as the two despise each other. Lo must make a major decision in her relationship with her boyfriend, Scott.

Elsewhere, Kristin has another run in with Allie at a club where a fight erupts.

Also Audrina breaks up with Ryan and Kristin laughs at Mc Kaela's pain. Heidi's mom returns, as she and Holly try to deal with the loss of Heidi in their lives.

In the 100th episode, the gang travels to Costa Rica, where drama ensues between Brody and Kristin. Stephanie meets a new man, while Kristin makes a big move for Brody, but it seems she is too late. In the series finale, Kristin must decide if she's going to make a major change in her life, which may force Brody to make a decision about their relationship.

Kristin, Audrina, Holly, Lo, and Stephanie all agree to Spencer and Heidi from their lives for good after Spencer picks a fight with Audrina at a club and then nearly melts down when Brody confronts him and says he'll kick Spencer's ass if he doesn't shut up. Brody and Kristin hook-up before deciding to stay single.

Thus, the series confronts the common question of whether certain elements of the show, or the entire show itself, are real, fake, or a combination of both.

Lauren later revealed that she and Brody had filmed an alternate ending to the series.

As he looks on as she rides away, the Hollywood Hills backdrop is removed, revealing the lights and cameras.

After Kristin's limo turns around and the director says "it's a wrap", the camera pans from a film studio in California.

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