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He travels to California to see if the rumors are true about California's wines. It's a charming, heartwarming movie that I think will do very well when it opens 8/8.

The connotation of familiarity (my friend Jean-Phi, as opposed to my new colleague Jean-Philippe; cinoche, the place I often go for entertainment, as opposed to cinéma, the neutral word for a movie theater) is what makes them hypocorisms.

It also has great characters and hilarious moments the way that film does. Based on a true story, it chronicles how California wine makers became serious contenders in the world competition of wine-- an honor previously assumed to be rewarded always to the French.

It centers around a town of quirky up and coming wine makers, each with their own challenges to face.

The Parisian street scenes were filmed in Sonoma, CA using cars provided by members of the Arcane Auto Society car club.

The automobile's owners were used as extras in the street scenes that showed their cars.

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