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Maybe something like lingerie wrestling, lingerie football, or something really perverted where it's not uncommon for sexual activities to occur in the field of play.Maybe a sexual version of flag football where defenders have to strip the dildo carrier down, or have something like flash ball where play is continuous and play doesn't stop much (similar to soccer).Maybe the less athletic or younger lolis could be the cheerleaders, doing perverted cheers and moves to turn on the crowds.When not doing those things they could assert themselves as cumdumps as fanservice for all the horny fans looking to satisfy their urges from watching all the lewd activity on the field and off. Not enough of the lolis truly wanting to be assertive, or looking like they want the D.A world where lolis (and shotas opposite them) are curious to satisfy themselves sexually and in a society where lewd behavior isn't discouraged would be pretty cool and boner inducing. I am what many refer to as ' God', though I do not create or destroy. I witness your world, ' Earth-102', along with many other realities. I witness ' Earth-481', where dogs are the sentient race. I witness ' Earth-2', where Abraham Lincoln was a Muslim woman, living in a camel on the edge of Antarctica.Would also be interesting if there were a higher rate of kids being born as a middle sex, like futas/dickgirls in a society trying to educate kids about all things sex (including science) and not just standard things. I witness ' Earth-21', where every living human being is the exact same person - Michael Jones, a thirty-two year old used car salesman with a persistent stomach ulcer and sever eczema behind his left ear.92765 Now this sounds like great fun if done correctly.Maybe something like a school or church/religion as a front for their cock worshiping tendencies to help them draw more unsuspecting adults, parents, and lolis in (as well as guys too I suppose, so lolis can worship their cocks round the clock).

Heck even something with a format like a graphic novel (a few pics here and there for visual representation to go along with the large amounts of text to read) would make for great fapping material.Complete 3D Collection Thread: 2D Collection Thread: images inside. Also here's Super 117, a game where you chase a loli of your choice, throw bombs at her until she's stark naked, and gangbang her with your bros. I wanted to incorporate loli into it aswell, but this causes an issue. I imagine most sites like Deviant ART or Tumblr would take ti down once they realise I'm talking about kids.I used to read a lot from Loliwood, but it has since been shut down (Submitting, not viewing).Their Passion blazing as brightly as the sun shining above them!Size : 648 Mb Bonus points for delicous brown girls.

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