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Hey everyone, I made a video last night of Thomas and Summer.

I used clips from TSCC photoshoot, Summer Glau esquire photoshoot, deadly honeymoon and a Summer and Thomas interview.

’s coffin last week, the internets starting rumbling that the show had fallen victim to the “Summer Glau Curse.”Thus readeth the curse: Wheresoever on TV Summer Glau doth appear, whether as regular or recurring character, cancellation follows. episode without a shiver or tear when Cameron asks John to cut her open, we may have to seriously reevaluate our friendship.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, let’s examine the facts. In a Rant column at, Charlie Jane Anders addresses the curse by examining Glau’s actual track record. It got incredible ratings when it started — it was the highest rated new scripted series that season — but then the writers’ strike happened and the first season was chopped into pieces.

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Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment system.Summer has successfully kept her life away from the mainstream media spotlight.Till date, she has not been part of any notable controversies.Most sci-fi shows do not, in fact, star Summer Glau — and they get cancelled anyway. What kind of part would you like to see her in next?Fair weather fans point to the Summer Glau Curse because Glau has become something of a science fiction icon, with a series of memorable roles. Because nerds love to hate anybody that nerds love.” Kind of like lesbians do.

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