Validating constraints and oracle dating south jersey

For one, subqueries cannot be used within your Oracle check constraints.Also, an Oracle check constraint is able to reference another column.

Nevertheless, the data warehouse administrator might wish to maintain the enforcement of this constraint to prevent any changes that might affect the FOREIGN KEY constraint outside of the ETL process.

I used the following statement and got an error message. U_SMCSHIPPING ADD CONSTRAINT CHASE_NUM_UNIQUE UNIQUE(SERVICER_LN_NUM) ENABLE NOVALIDATE * ORA-02299: cannot validate (EMPOWER. CHASE_NUM_UNIQUE) - duplicate keys found Thanks, Robel Of Course when the Constraint is disable it will check the validity whenever it will be disabled and it will not prevent the Future dupicate rows.

CHASE_NUM_UNIQUE) - duplicate keys found Why I am getting this error msg when I'm explicitely telling it not to validate. Better to remove the dupicate rows, enable the Contraint and it will not have any duplicate rows in future. Select * from table1 a where rowid not in (select max(rowid) from table1 b where a.col1=b.col1) Table1 is Your Table...

With Oracle check constraint, rather than having an application verify that all occurrences of REGION are North, South, East, or West, an Oracle CHECK constraint can be added to the table definition to ensure the validity of the region column.

Here is an example of Oracle check constraint: Oracle check constraint has some limitations.

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