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Net 2008 and have added a Data Grid View to my project.I am trying to create error handlers for some of the cell columns and need to force a user to only enter Integers in column 3 The only thing I can find is "Is Numeric" but that allows the user to enter

Most likely, it will delegate this responsibility to another class, but ultimately, the Presenter will pass the information from that class to the view. Right now, there's no concept of a in this code, but there's obviously a business object that is very much a Part and your form displays a list of Parts.

When you display data entry functionality to users, you frequently have to validate the data entered into your form.

The Data Grid View class provides a convenient way to perform validation before data is committed to the data store.

For more information about Windows messages, see Messages and Message Queues.

How to efectively validate data entry inside a Data Grid View. Late Validation: This validation is performed after the user is done entering data.

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