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"Men are slacking these days yet most women prefer men who can commit to establishing a long-term relationship even as they commit to the seduction process," she reasons.However, Anthony Wasonga, 27, a performing artiste and music producer, finds young women to be too demanding and unrealistic when it comes to seduction.ALSO READ: Foods you should never order on a first date Perhaps only five years ago, a typical courtship (or at least what we see in movies) between a man and a woman would have read something like this: Guy spots girl, she's the most beautiful girl he has ever set his eyes on.He makes his move, gathers up his courage to chat her up and finally ask her for her phone number, which she scribbles on a piece of paper.There are a lot of young guys who cannot talk to women face to face.They rely on online messaging to make an impression," says Clemence Waza, 28, a sales and marketing agent in Nairobi."I sought to find out from one them why men nowadays put little effort into nurturing relationships and he said there are many fish in the sea.

To her, seduction boils down to little things such as buying her a bouquet of flowers, opening doors and pulling out chairs for her while out on a date, not tapping on a small screen and expecting a magical connection.By instinctively reacting to photographs rather than taking the trouble to talk to the women and get to know them, the younger men are choosing dates based on sexual attraction and airbrushed beauty.Mwachia, who is in a serious relationship, says before she started dating her boyfriend she had interacted with a number of men online but many of them never put in the effort to get to know her in person."In fact, some men are too timid and choose to have fantasy online relationships with multiple girls where they never meet, but simply trade messages," she says.This puts the women in an awkward position, as they have to be careful not to demand to meet the men to avoid coming off as desperate, Waza says.

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