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“Friends don’t let friends build data centers,” said Charles Phillips, chief executive officer of Infor, a business software maker, about two years ago.

But there are some in the tech industry who say that there are many companies of sufficient size with specialized needs that would be better off running their own data centers, but in a cloud-like manner.

A public cloud—referred to within the industry as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaa S)—consists of massive quantities of servers, storage, and networking owned-and-operated by one company, and then rented out to others.

Box and Workday, for example, are turning to AWS and IBM (ibm) Soft Layer to run specific types of software.

In this “private cloud” model, all of the computing gear is devoted to one company, but still offers internal users flexibility in adding or deleting resources as needed.

And each department or user can be charged for what capabilities they use.

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That was a bold statement at the time, and it presaged a change in how big software companies are building and distributing their products.

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