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Moynihan’s bill made it so any project receiving more than 10 percent of its funding from the public would not be tax-exempt.

In both his 20 proposed federal budgets, President Obama tried to cut off a tax loophole dating back to 1996 that cities and states have used to finance stadium-funding projects.Using a surface sediment diatom-salinity training set from the Northern Great Plains (NGP) as an example, we explore a variety of approaches to include dissolution data in salinity inference models indirectly and directly.Results show that dissolution data can improve models, with apparent dissolution-adjusted error (RMSE) up to 15% lower than their unadjusted counterparts.The NFL—as in, the National Football League itself—does not receive “massive tax breaks.” Until 2015, the NFL was a nonprofit corporation, and as such, was not required to pay federal income tax, though 31 of the 32 teams are for-profit businesses, the one exception being the Green Bay Packers, a not-for-profit that is publicly and communally owned by Wisconsinites.The NFL, however, voluntarily dropped its nonprofit status two years ago because people were getting miffed at Commissioner Roger Goodell’s million salary, which, as a tax-exempt entity, the league was legally required to disclose.

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(October 9 to November 29, 1987) He acted in Gore Vidal's play, "The Best Man," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Buddy Ebsen, Mel Ferrer and Hope Lange in the cast.

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