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People in Kansas City love having someone there for them and do whatever it takes to keep the flame alive. When the storms hit, a KCer will know what to do to keep their loved ones safe, including you.

While people in KC might live the big city life, Kansas City is still located in the heartland of America.

An up-and-coming city, KC is home to some of the most fashion forward people around.

They’ll be up to date on all the latest styles, with rockin’ wardrobes for every season of the year.

The son who had been on the other end of the father’s phone call arrived by car. From a historic low of 82 in 2014, the number rose to 111 in 2015, 131 in 2016 and at least 150 this year.

The father stepped out to confront him and stood shouting in the open entry of the store. ” When it stopped, Hall ran to the door and pushed it open. Kansas City was already in the Top 10 for worst homicide rates among major cities before 2017. Louis has also grappled with rising homicides, recording 203 for the year by late December. Despite warnings of a new crime wave, the murder rate in the nation’s 30 largest cities is estimated to decline by about 5.6 percent from last year, according to a recent analysis of preliminary data by the Brennan Center for Justice.

With Kansas City being one of the largest soccer fan bases in the United States, many KCers love to play the sport recreationally, keeping them active and in shape.BUSTED: Yes, the city has one of the highest percentage of online daters in the country, but Bay Area men can commit — nearly half have walked down the aisle.KCers are diehard fans of everything Kansas City, just look at the never-ending love the people show towards the Royals if you need any proof.If you’re dating a KCer, you’ll never have to doubt how important you are to them.According to a study by the Wall Street Journal that analyzed online data, Kansas City ranks as one of the best cities for forming a successful relationship.

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