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It’s not just duties of a wife, but of a daughter-in-law that must be upheld at all costs.Once she’s married she’s expected to start having children, sacrifice her career for kids and home life, while the husband should be the sole provider.There are two reasons I’ve decided not to be with a man from my own ethnicity.The first is something that many South Asian women will be able to identify with.That is: I associate South Asian men as part of the family. The only South Asian men in my life are my family members: brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, grandparents and extended family.

This outdated view of colourism is of course only applied to women.In South Asian society the fairer a girl is the prettier she is.She’ll have far better marriage prospects as men will want the fairest women to marry and be the mother of their fair children.After university it’s expected for her to think, even plan to get married to a nice South Asian guy from back home as soon as possible.When you marry a South Asian man you also marry his entire family.

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